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Vehicle Fleets

Collision Avoidance Systems

  • Vehicle Reversing Aid system with "VDI" Voice Distance Indicator
  • Vehicle Reversing Cameras
  • Vehicle GPS Tracking
  • Cell Phone Control


Collision Avoidance Systems & Solutions for Military

ARLINGTON, VA. (Army News Service, Oct. 11, 2005) — Everyone who drives an Army vehicle must now complete a new online course designed to make people think about driving safety. About 25 percent of new Soldiers do not have driver’s licenses when they join the Army. Standardized traffic safety courses for everyone who drives in the Army that incorporate awareness, skills and motivation are one of the first steps in reducing accidents and improving combat readiness. Soldiers are driving more than ever before, and under a wider variety of conditions than ever previously. Soldiers must drive everything from passenger cars to Humvees to light, medium or heavy duty tactical vehicles. This contributes to accidents from human error and behavioral factors.

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Collision Avoidance Systems

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