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Collision Avoidance Systems

  • Vehicle Reversing Aid system with "VDI" Voice Distance Indicator
  • Vehicle Reversing Cameras
  • Vehicle GPS Tracking
  • Cell Phone Control


Collision Avoidance Systems & Solutions for
Construction & Mining

For a while bigger was better in surface haulage. The bigger the machine, the more it could haul. The more it could haul, the better the production numbers. This trend toward bigger hauler equipment has raised lethal safety issues involving operator visibility. With trucks reaching 400 ton capacity, blind spots can extend 30 feet off the rear of their truck. This has caused drivers to have extreme difficulties detecting obstacles in the direct vicinity of their vehicles in normal operating environments. Now include dusty conditions limiting visibility, huge blind spots, operators becoming distracted by in-vehicle management systems, navigation systems, stress and the fatigue of long work hours we are at a critical state for serious injury. CAS technologies assist in keeping your driver's alert when reversing. Our technologies work in weather conditions such as rain, sleet, snow, fog, extreme sunlight & total darkness.

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Collision Avoidance Systems

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