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Collision Avoidance Systems

  • Vehicle Reversing Aid system with "VDI" Voice Distance Indicator
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Collision Avoidance Systems & Solutions for Commercial Fleets

Managing risk is par for the course for any company as it manages its business. But for fleet managers, managing risk is taken to whole new level as they monitor their vehicles and the employees who drive them. Every day, fleet managers must be hyper-vigilant about reducing safety risks. The good news? Addressing this challenge gives fleet managers the opportunity to reduce their fleet management costs.

The annual accident rate for commercial fleets is around 20 percent. Fleet operators always accepted this statistic as a natural by-product of this industry. However, Eric Strom, maintenance & safety product manager for GE Capital Solutions Fleet Services used a manufacturing analogy saying any fleet-related accident should be viewed as a "defect." What industry would view a 20-percent or more defect rate as acceptable? Fleets do. What's even more concerning is that these "defects" - fleet accidents - are often preventable.

If 40 percent of your accidents are preventable, this represents a huge opportunity to reduce fleet costs. Industry studies show that accidents represent 14 percent of a fleet's total expenses, although it is considered higher since these studies do not take into account soft costs such as downtime, lost employee productivity, etc. It is impossible to reduce all preventable accidents, but simply cutting in half the number of preventable accidents would yield substantial cost savings. In today's fleet management world, there are few areas where such dramatic cost reductions can be achieved.

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Collision Avoidance Systems

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