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Collision Avoidance Systems

  • Vehicle Reversing Aid system with "VDI" Voice Distance Indicator
  • Vehicle Reversing Cameras
  • Vehicle GPS Tracking
  • Cell Phone Control

Reversing Camera

If you have a vehicle with a long body, poor rear visibility, or just struggle with blind spots, a reversing camera can save your vehicle from expensive damage. A monitor on the dashboard shows the driver an image from a camera installed at the rear of a vehicle showing obstructions that may not be visible in the mirrors, and makes gauging the distance to them easier. CAS is ready help you to understand some of the options available, and how they can be fitted to your car, van or truck.

Reversing cameras come in all shapes and sizes, designed to be embedded into the bodywork, or attached at some suitable mounting point. Which type and size of rear view camera to choose depends on your vehicle and personal preferences, but ideally they should provide a clear view behind you. CAS also offers kits that include both a reversing camera and "Talking" sonar sensors letting you back up with confidence in all conditions.

7" COLOR TFT LCD Monitor With Built-In Quad

  • DVD/AV input and 4 camera inputs
  • Singal, Dual, Triple and Quad image and PIP functions
  • Display can be set for single or split views
  • Four trigger wires control auto switching between
  • Back up distance grid, right and left turn indicator arrow available
  • Volume, brightness, color, contrast and sharpness can be set for each individual camera
  • Mirror/ normal image set for each camera
  • Auto controlled day and night brightness mode
  • Auto Scan feature, can be set to switch automatically between views
  • Operates 10-32 volts
  • Power short protection
  • On board speaker


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7" Color LCD Monitor

  • Engineered to handle the rigors of commercial trucking while still providing the user with the highest quality sound and image available
  • Commercial grade housing equipped with easy touch
    backlighted buttons
  • The 4-camera inputs can be trigger activated for use
    with reverse, right and left side cameras
  • Satellite Navigation can be added to the 4th camera
  • On-screen function menus are user friendly
  • Full-function remote
  • 10v-32v power range, 65' heavy duty camera cable
  • Recess mounting bracket, fan mounting bracket, "U"
    mounting bracket, for versatile installs
  • Infrared wide-angle camera (12 Infrared emitters),
    high-grade microphone within camera

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7" Quad Monitor Industrial Grade

  • Camera System
  • Touch screen quad functions
  • Removable sun shield


Zone DefenseĀ® introduces a new line of industrial grade ("I" Series) camera systems. These monitors are designed for customers asking for something more robust in their mobile camera system. There are three versions to choose from, all built to specifications to handle a more rugged environment.

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New 7" Digital LCD Monitor With Wide View Angle and High Resolution Display

  • New touch panel control buttons
  • Built-in trigger switch to reverse, front, left, or right side camera views. No additional switch box to install!
  • 7G Rating!
  • New LED backlight on LCD panel for longer life!
  • Picture image may be adjusted for horizontal, vertical, mirror and normal viewin
  • Multi-languages of display available: English, French, Spanish and more!
  • Automatic illuminated control buttons
  • Full function remote control
  • Multiple video formats available: PAL/NTSC
  • 22-Pin: 4 camera input, 1 video output and audio output
  • Operates 10-32 volts
  • Built-in speaker
  • Removable sun shield


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Collision Avoidance Systems

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